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ALD Maze Waxbone V3

ALD Maze Waxbone V3


ALD AMAZE WAXBONE is designed for wax. Small, but durable vaporizer pen. It is easy to use and clean.Its pocket size is a perfect fit in your pocket or purse and convenient to carry around.


Product Features & Specs:
Brushed Stainless Steel Body
Device Dimension14 mm x 131 mm, Diameter 14 mm
Highly Transparent Glass Tube with Removable Mouth-Tip
Tank Dimension14 mm x 50 mm, Diameter 14 mm
520 mAh Lithium Ion Battery re-charges via USB
Stainless Steel Head with Low Resistance Cermaic Coil
Heats up to 500 degree Fahrenheit in 10 seconds

Product Package:
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x Glass Tube
1 x Atomizer (Container with Ceramic Plate)
1 x Battery
1 x USB Charger
1 x Scraper

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